The latest Winter League table after 3 events has Steve Quinton in 1st place with Niall Reynolds in 2nd with Dave Mitchell in 3rd. The competition will intensify after today's Winter league race around the sand dunes and slacks of Crymlyn Burrows. The return of Iestyn Evans will no doubt affect the positions at the top of the table as he won today's event beating Steve Quinton and Niall Reynolds into second and third respectively. Dave Mitchell won the Green course by a narrow margin from Tim Savill, in his first race since damaging his ankle in September, with Tereza Rush of Cardiff in 3rd. The Long Orange course was won by Tereza's daughter, Ella May, with Robin Irwin of Swansea coming in second and Ellen Bluett also of Swansea in 3rd. On the Orange course Melissa Forsyth continues to grow in confidence as she completed only her third event and on the Yellow Course young Zac Rogers of SBOC also completed the course without any problems.

Here are today's results and splits.

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