A lovely summers evening and the beautiful Nicholaston Burrows was the scene for some challenging and physical courses as part of the SBOC summer league. Diana McClure used the area to great effect in her planning with courses heading into the woods and back out onto the dunes and back ino the woods, presenting differing technical challenges to those not in close contact with their maps. The increasing vegetation and the sandy tracks made running difficult too and across the board there were long times. The youngsters managed to show how it should be done with young Tal Cox winning the Yellow Course in 28.06 and Florence Kelleher the Orange Course in 38.20. For both these young runners this was a great achievement as the path network on the dunes can be very complex. Bethany Irwin romped home on the light green course some 30 minutes ahead of the other competitors who were finding the technical course testing. On the Green Course it was a tight run thing for the top 4 places, with Iestyn Evans continuing his good form winning in 52.51, ahead of Niall Reynolds, Kerina Lake and Steve Jones, in 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively. A great evenings orienteering and full results can be found here.

The next event is Summer League 8 and takes place in Pembrey Country Park on 26th June.

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