Swansea Bay Orienteering Club
18 June 2011 - Welsh League - Broughton Burrows
Controller's Comments

Injury Prone

It started at day 2 of SINS. I was just recovering from bruised ribs sustained after a fall at the Cannop Ponds event at the beginning of the May. Margaret Reynolds spoke to me and asked if I would control a SBOC event. I asked when, and expecting to be told the autumn, was somewhat surprised when se said the 18th June. I agreed to take the challenge on. Margaret had pretty much planned the courses and by the following weekend we had pretty much agreed things. I went to the area for the only time prior to the weekend on Saturday 4th June. A very enjoyable 4 hours finishing at control 235, more of which later. Only a couple of fine adjustments were required. Draft maps ready on the 11th, and a quick panic the taped route was shown between the wrong 2 controls on the Orange. Thanks to Mike Dobbs for sorting this out promptly before we went to print.

Fast forward to soggy Friday 17th. Met Margaret in the car park at 3pm. She was soaked and cold but had put out all the stakes, apart from some on the Yellow and Orange and I went out to check. First to 235 only to not find the stake, but found the tape. Searched round a bit more and couldnít see it so assumed it had been missed and we needed to resolve in the morning. Was going well everything else exactly where I expected to find it, until I got to 209 at about 4.30. Only another 7 controls to go when disaster struck. With my eyes on the map running on one the flatter areas, I was brought up short having put my left foot down a rabbit hole. After a few expletives, well there was no one else with 2k in the rain on Friday, I hobbled round the remainder with my now sprained ankle. Drove to Whitford for the evening event (not that I was going to compete), many thanks to Alice Bedwell for the tape for my ankle. I waited for the Reynolds to finish their runs and follow them back to their house, as I was staying there overnight. We discussed the day and Margaret said that 235 was the last control she had put out, was getting cold and wet and must have put in the depression further South. She said she would move it in the morning.

The following morning I was in no fit state to run round and put out check units, so agreed just to check 235. Stephen Perkins also volunteered to put out all the remaining Yellow and Orange controls, (many thanks), but Margaret then had the lions share of the work for the morning. I hobbled up to check 235, good job it was close to assembly, and confirmed that it was now next to the tape. However this is not the end of the tale. It transpires that the tape was actually in the wrong place all along, and Margaret had put it out correctly on Friday. Humble apologies to all on the Blue and Brown. I hope that you didnít lose too much time. The only saving grace was that it was sited in the depression to the North of where it should have been, so was on the direct line from the previous control and people were getting to it before they expected.

Also apologies to Malcolm Kendrick. He ended up with a Light Green control description to go with his Green map. I should have realised the confusion of the lower case letters where l green is not as obvious as L Green.

Many thanks to Niall Reynolds and his team of helpers which allow the whole day to run smoothly. Finally thanks to all of the competitors who came along, especially those that still hadnít dried out from Whitford the day before, at least you got a dry days Orienteering on the Saturday.

So will I control another SBOC event? Happy to sometime in the future, but Iíd like more than 3 weeks notice please. Would I control on Broughton Burrows again? Only if someone can fill in all the rabbit holes!!

Pete Ribbans
Controller (SWOC)