45 club members braved the snow and enjoyed a festive afternoon at the Pumphouse Inn at which the 2017 club championships, summer league winners and the special awards were presented. The christmas social followed a Winter League event at Crymlyn Burrows, near the Swansea University Bay Campus. This small area of sand dunes has just been mapped and this was the first event. All runners ignored the wintry weather and enjoyed the courses planned by Gill Lock. The 2017 Club champions were;

  • Senior man - Ben Mitchell
  • Senior woman - Kerina Lake
  • Veteran man - Steve Quinton
  • Veteran woman - Gill Lock
  • Junior man - Oscar Healy

the 2017 Summer League winners were;
Seniors - Brendan Healy
Juniors - William Lake

The awards were - Best Junior went to Oscar Healy, the Most Improved Junior to William Arnold, the Spirit of the Sport to Gill Lock and the Chairmans Award to Roger Stein.

Well done to all winners and thanks everyone for coming along.

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