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The resources and guides in this section are intended to help members when they have volunteered to take on the organisation or planning of events listed in the SBOC events list.

The guidance is divided into sections and contain links

  1. to templates to be downloaded for use,
  2. to guidance to help explain in detail how to do things, and
  3. instructions on how to use some of the equipment.

A guide for SBOC Local Event Organisers and Planners Click here for full guide


  1. Advertise event in advance
  2. Obtain kit as needed
  3. Risk assessment and safety
  4. Put on required courses to suitable specification
  5. Manage event on the day, taking appropriate monies and records and care of equipment
  6. Passing on monies, equipment, records and results to relevant club officials / members in reasonable timeframe


Note: This is a guide and not a comprehensive list. Feel welcome to refer to the Fixtures Secretary at any stage for help, advice or a second opinion, particularly if you are inexperienced at planning, and they will point you in the correct direction.

When What to do Templates Detailed Guidance
-4 weeks
  • Get up-to-date maps of your area from the Mapping Officer and visit the area to gauge its character and map accuracy in different parts.
  • Most courses are planned using Purplepen software, easy to use software for planning.
  • Obtain the Risk Assessment and complete with key risks and actions you need to take. Get it signed off by Saftey officer. Determine start /finish/ parking area - preferably at same place. Do armchair planning based on your visits to the areas and BOF guidelines (see guidance). Courses for the Summer League: Yellow, Orange, Lt Green, Green. Courses for the Winter League: Yellow, Orange, Long Orange, Green, Blue. Courses for the Night League: Orange, Green. Obtain results of previous year from the website, and check for winning times to gauge course lengths.
  • Complete the Event Flyer template, include any risks identified in the Risk Assessment and send to the Webmaster.
[Risk Assessment Template](), Event flyer template SBOC Planning Guidelines, Purplepen software

SBOC Local event guidelines -
[Local event details template - ]()
[Local event registration list template - ]()
[Local event accounting form - ]()

Purple Pen guide -
Si-droid guide -
Routegadget instructions -
British Orienteering Resource Library

Advice on planning white courses - Thanks to Barry Elkington
Advice on planning yellow courses - Thanks to Barry Elkington
Advice on planning orange courses - Thanks to Barry Elkington
Advice on planning light green courses - Thanks to Barry Elkington
Advice on planning green-black courses - Thanks to Barry Elkington


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